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Mobility and Security in the Banking Industry

Mobile Security
By Robert Capps, Vice President of Business Development, NuData Security Cyber threats have become so widespread and well orchestrated that new security methods must be implemented if banks intend to fully protect the sensitive data entrusted to them. Yet there is hesitation. Banks are understandably risk-averse when it comes to trying new measures out, because […]

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What is NFC?

Kimtag Nfc Logo
NFC – aka Near Field Communications – is a feature of many portable devices these days. Indeed, it’s a feature with which users of smartphones that have NFC lord it over those that don’t. NFC can be a useful- and used feature. Often it is not, although we predict a big future for the tech. What […]

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Payment Facilitation Does An About-FACe

Nmi Logo Large
In the increasingly crowded space of global payment gateways, facilitators face the challenge of differentiation on more than just a superficial level. In a recent discussion with PYMNTS, Roy Banks, CEO of Network Merchants (NMI), shared his perspective on the importance for payment facilitators to stand out by addressing the layered complexity of merchants’ needs, […]

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