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Gift/Loyalty Card Programs

PAYLOGIC offers turnkey solutions for gift cards and loyalty programs. This includes card design, card production, card carriers and the processing and management of transactions. We can also help you create a loyalty program that fits your unique business environment. Card programs combine the latest technology with reliable processing partners to help clients increase sales, reward employees, improve customer retention, reduce transactional cost and recruit new customers.

Cash Discount Program

PAYLOGIC provides a compliant solution for a merchant to offset 95% of credit card processing fees. By offering a decreased price for cash purchases, merchants reward customers for paying in cash and in turn retain the money you would have paid in credit card processing fees. Incentivize cash payments and collect 100% of your revenue. This program is available on select terminals and POS stations. PAYLOGIC provides free equipment for all qualifying merchants on the Cash Discount Program.

Equipment Sales

PAYLOGIC has orchestrated the implementation of numerous retail point of sale systems for businesses of every size. Whether you need a single station with a cash register, or you have hundreds of locations and you need to implement a nationwide software or hardware upgrade, PAYLOGIC can help design, install and support a solution that is the right fit for your business.
PAYLOGIC carries a diverse line of state-of-the-art credit card processing hardware and software from respected companies, such as Dejavoo, Poynt, Clover, First Data and HotSauce POS. If you are in need of contactless terminals, wireless devices, PIN pads, check readers, printers, iPhone applications, etc., PAYLOGIC can be your single-source solution provider. Call one of our Represenitive to learn how to qualify for free equipment.

Internet Gateway Processing

The mission critical connection between the merchant account and the merchant is PAYLOGIC’s powerful and highly secure Payment Gateway. Our advanced gateway technology provides seamless payment solutions for real-time credit card authorizations and exceeds the high security standards set forth by Visa/MasterCard. You can easily manage your merchant account, print out comprehensive reports and configure fraud controls all through a single, user-friendly interface. We take the worry out of electronic payment transactions and give you peace of mind in knowing that your customers’ personal information and credit card numbers are kept private within our PCI compliant technology.

ACH Processing

PAYLOGIC works with the most advanced Automated Clearing House (ACH) systems in the country, each processing over 1 billion ACH transactions annually. Our flexible Internet ACH Service gives you desktop access to initiate, verify, reverse and delete transactions from any internet connection. With one sign-on you can search for information, update transactions, and view customized reports.

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